Stephen Sivley

I am Staff Pianist and Assistant Choir Director at Austin High School in Decatur, AL; Director of Music Ministries at Faith Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, AL; and have taught piano for 10 years now. I have completed the music portion of my BA in Piano from the University of Alabama in Huntsville where I have studied piano and piano pedagogy with Dr. Melody Ng. In my studies I sought out as much coursework as I could in music education, choral teaching, and educational psychology, as well as regularly attending and presenting at conferences to further my education in these areas.

My studio is an affirming and welcoming place where all are celebrated for what makes them unique. I gladly welcome and celebrate people of all walks of life, religions, ages, ethnicities, abilities, gender identities, and sexual orientations. My goal as a teacher is to take each of my student’s gifts and differences into account – working to challenge them and help them reach their potential in a safe, fun, challenging, and affirming learning environment.

Teaching Times and Locations:

  • Home Studio in Madison
    • Thursdays and Fridays from 2:45 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Faith Presbyterian Church in Huntsville
    • Wednesdays from 2:45 PM – 4:15 PM