Studio Policies


Tuition:  This studio follows a tuition-based billing system, and as such the billing is per month rather than per lesson. Tuition is to be paid no later than the first lesson of each month. After the first lesson, a $15 late fee will be applied. Monthly invoices will be sent out via email in the last week of the moth prior to the month being invoiced. Tuition payments may be made online through the PayPal payment portal attached to your electronic invoice. Personal checks will only be accepted under special circumstances. Tuition is non-refundable.

Tuition Rates: Tuition rates subject to change with two months notice.

Cancellation of Lessons: One full month of tuition, plus any past due balance, is due the first of the month immediately following the last scheduled lesson.

New Student Referrals: For every new student who signs up for lessons following a referral by a current student, a 25% discount will be applied to the following month’s tuition for the current student.


Make-Up Lessons: Your tuition payment guarantees you a lesson time in my calendar, therefore, if you have paid for your lesson time, your time slot is reserved. However, life happens, and there will be times when both student and teacher will have things interfere with the regularly scheduled lesson time. Make up lessons are not guaranteed unless a lesson is cancelled by the teacher, and only after the teacher has reached their maximum number of excused absences that quarter. If you are going to miss a lesson, please notify me within 24 hours, and I will try to find a time slot for a makeup lesson. If for any reason, you are not able to make that time slot, or we are unable to reschedule, then the quarterly group class (held as studio size allows) will serve as a makeup lesson.

Wellness: If the student is sick, and or has run a fever within the 24 hours preceding the lesson, please notify me, and the student should stay home from their lesson. I will gladly accommodate a reschedule, if possible, especially with a doctor’s note.

Holidays: The studio is closed for all state and national holidays; exceptions are by special arrangement only.

Days Off/Excused Absences:  The teacher is allowed two excused lesson absences per quarter. These are reserved for vacation, illness, family emergencies, etc. The teacher will do their utmost to notify you at least 24hrs before so that alternative plans can be made. Emergencies do happen however, and the teacher will make up emergency cancellations to the best of their ability.

Family Vacations: Vacations are important times to relax and be with family. However, they can be complicated to work lessons around. To make this easier there is a vacation form online that you can fill out that will help the teacher know how best to work around your vacation. A maximum of two lessons per student will be made up per vacation.


Studio Class/Studio Field Trips: The studio will hold a performance class and studio party, or a concert field trip each quarter. These events will be scheduled at least one month in advance.

Studio Class: Studio class will serve as a regular opportunity for the students to perform in front of myself and their peers.  All students should attend studio class, whether they are performing or not. These classes are followed by a time of food and fun with fellow students and families. All students may invite immediate family to performance class and the subsequent party. However, the audience should remain small as this is intended to be a low-pressure performance opportunity.

Concert Field Trips: Concert field trips are a chance for all students to attend concerts and educational events as age appropriate. Typical trips would be to the Huntsville Symphony, Huntsville Chamber Music Guild*, Opera Huntsville, UAH, or the Huntsville AGO. The HCMG regularly hosts educational events with world renowned musicians. *HCMG educational events are free, with dinner provided, along with free tickets to the concert to follow.

Recitals: There will be both a spring and a fall recital as studio enrollment allows. Both recitals must be attended by all students unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher. All students performing in either recital must perform in the performance class immediately preceding the recital.


Music Library: The studio music library is available to all students to use in coordination with the teacher.

Music Library Policy: All students must adhere to this policy to ensure the continued usage of the

music library for all students.

  1. All books must be returned in the same condition they were borrowed.
  2. These books are made available for all students to use, so please do not write in them with anything except a pencil.

Music Library Fee: There will be a yearly $50 fee for the use of the studio music library. This fee covers: book usage, new library music acquisition, and library maintenance.

New Book Acquisition: As a student starts and advances new books will be necessary. New books will be purchased by myself, as necessary, and in consultation with the responsible party. The cost of each book will be applied to the next month’s bill or applied in payments as decided by the responsible party.